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Feds Question Insurers’ ACA Aid Program Filings

By August 11, 2015News

CCIIO asked the affected health insurers to feed data into the program by July 31, using a data filing system the agency set up for the PPACA minimum medical loss ratio (MLR) compliance program.

Virtually all of the affected insurers turned their risks corridors program data in on time, CCIIO officials say in a memo posted on the Web.

But, “while conducting quality assurance of the risk corridors data, we have identified a significant number of discrepancies in the data, which makes it necessary to conduct additional data validation,” CCIIO officials say in the memo.

CCIIO will validate the information in the risk corridors program reports by comparing it to the information available through sources, and the agency may ask some issuers to resubmit their data, officials say.

Originally, CCIIO was going to tell health insurers how much they might get from the risk corridors program, and how much they might have to pay into the program, by Aug. 14 — Friday.

While reviewing the risk corridors program filings, “we are postponing the publication of the preliminary risk corridors program results,” officials say.

CCIIO will “provide further information when the risk corridors data is accurate, complete and validated,” officials say.

CCIIO is part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). CMS created CCIIO to run the new HHS commercial health insurance market programs created by PPACA.

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