What does Davenport Benefits do?

Davenport Benefits offers support and solutions to businesses and individuals when it comes to types of group insurance and human resources support services. We streamline and simplify options for clients and collaborate to create customized plans that will benefit the growth of clients’ organizations.

What kinds of HR support does Davenport Benefits offer?

Our innovative technology is at the fingertips of our clients, acting as an additional team member when it comes to human resources support. Our clients can get their pressing HR administrator questions answered by a certified professional day or night online with our HR hotline. We also provide customizable newsletters on issues that affect your company and employees. HR attorney-reviewed handbooks, written and video resources, and training courses are just a click away.

How does Davenport Benefits make benefits plans more efficient and convenient?

New technology enables greater connectivity every day. Davenport Benefits realized that digital enrollment and online access to benefit plans are essential tools to today’s workplace. Through Davenport Benefits, clients and their employees have constant and convenient access to their benefits information. Online enrollment systems eliminate errors that traditional paperwork can enable, and streamlines efforts for fast and efficient health benefits packages.

If my job doesn’t provide health insurance, how can Davenport Benefits help?

Even if your employer does not offer staff benefit packages, Davenport Benefits can take you through the insurance coverage options available to you. Call us today to see what your choices include.

How do I learn more about Davenport Benefits and the services it provides?

Davenport Benefits is always happy to answer any questions you might have about HR support consultancy, employee benefits, types of group insurance, and more. Contact us today to set up an appointment to learn how your business can start taking advantage of our services.
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